How long will it take to learn photography?

A difficult question.. It’s a fair question, but an over-concern with the answer might indicate the wrong attitude After all, this isn’t a contest. Slow methodical learning will achieve greater results; being overly concerned with learning quickly runs contrary to the whole mind-set that a good photographer should exhibit.   How to take the questionnaire […]

Basic Composition

Basic composition video Good Composition Various methods have been used by artists and photographers over the course of many years to improve composition.  But what are the key elements of good composition?  On one level, good composition is all about arranging the elements in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen so that their shape, form, […]

Alex Manfredini An artist’s biography

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Manfredini a Professional Photographer with a broad focus in specialty including Glamour Modeling, High Fashion, Artistic Nudes, Erotic Art, and Alter Ego Photography. His photography has been featured in multiple magazines and websites both nationally and internationally. His magnetic personality and professional photography skills transform any photo […]

Available Light

Recently we discussed accessory lighting, so now what do we do until that package from Amazon arrives. In photography “available light” is any natural light source used to light a scene, while this includes daylight for outdoor photography,  I would like to focus more on daylight (and standard domestic lighting) for indoor  photography and certain natural […]