NEEWER 48 LED Ring Light for Macro Photography

This LED Macro Ring Light, a well-designed device for close shots, can constantly emit light and provide permanent lighting for subjects. With the LED lamp mode controller, you can adjust the three modes: all light, half left light, and half right light, With the power mode controller, you can choose two different power input modes to offers you continuous light: 2 AA batteries that is convenient for outdoor shoot or AC adapter input.  

  • 6 x Adapter Rings Included! (49mm/52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm)

  • Specially designed ring shape is perfect for MACRO photography (close-up).
  • This light has a double-duty power supply design which allows you to use 2 x AA batteries or DC power
  • This lighting unit provide a continuous lighting (not flashing), the continuous lighting allows you handle exposure easily.
  • Also great for portrait photography.

The NEEWER 48 LED Ring Light looks professional, and is inexpensive. It’s made of pretty cheap plastic, but if you don’t abuse it, it should be okay. Puts out a decent amount of even light, but of course it’s not meant to replace a flash… it should only be used for near subjects: macro photography and close portraiture. As is probably clear by now: this is an LED lamp… not a strobe. It stays on, which can be helpful in studio photography and setting up your shot, but nowhere near the power of a true flash.

B003LYF5P2NEEWER 48 LED Ring Light

The NEEWER 48 LED Ring Light comes with multiple METAL adapter rings that thread nicely. My only complaint is how did they pick those sizes? I am okay since I use Nikon lenses but if you use something other than 49, 52, 55, 58, 62 or 67 mm, lenses you will need an adapter ring

The NEEWER 48 LED Ring Light light is able to provide more than enough necessary lighting and for the small price it is well worth it. If you are looking for a portable light, this light can provide that. The only down side is that battery power is not as powerful as having it connected to its power adapter that comes with it.
The body does feel of less quality, so be careful not to drop it. Here is a video from youtube titled Neewer Macro LED Ring Light, I think you will find this useful