Darktable is an open source photography application and RAW converter, has both a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers.  Darktable manages “digital negatives in a database, and allows you to view them through a zoom-able light  table. This workflow also permits you to develop raw images and enhance them. Firsthand Experience I am fairly new to the Darktable and Linux so […]

Fred Iobst

Curious, tenacious, playful are the words that best define Mr Iobst, Fred is by many standards one of the best digital photography and retouching men I have ever met. Fred attended Boston college in 1973, then later earned a Bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Penn State University. Fred Iobst was born  in Allentown, Pennsylvania in […]

Composition, Focus and Exposure

Most  photographers start on their life-long picture-taking careers because they love taking photographs. those of us who are using DSLRs are the same I believe that the technology only enhances the convenience and quantity of the images taken. Yet technology is secondary to making “great” images. I feel that the main duty of the photographer […]

Storm Jacket Camera Covers

I believe you already know, some of the best images  can only be captured on stormy, rainy, cold and/or snowy days. But exposing your camera to these conditions can result in significant damage and the loss of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. That’s why a Vortex Media Storm Jacket camera cover should be an […]

Melissa Fox An artist’s biography

Few new up and coming Artists/photographers are able to capture the beauty of a person without imprinting their (the photographer’s) personality into the image . Melissa Fox is able to do just that. Melissa is a lifestyle, spirited photographer for modern people.  An aspiring wedding  photographer residing in the Philippines and based in Antipolo City . By […]