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Storm Jacket Camera Covers


I believe you already know, some of the best images  can only be captured on stormy, rainy, cold and/or snowy days. But exposing your camera to these conditions can result in significant damage and the loss of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. That’s why a Vortex Media Storm Jacket camera cover should be an essential part of your equipment.

Storm Jacket Camera Covers are the fastest and easiest way to protect professional cameras and lenses from inclement weather conditions such as snow, sleet, wind, rain, sand, dust, and harmful UV rays. Storm Jacket Camera Covers are available in five sizes, four colors, and two models to suit every SLR. The price ranges from $27.50 to $51.95 depending on your needs.

The best camera cover is the one that actually gets used – and that’s why Storm Jackets from Vortex Media have quickly become one of the most popular camera covers for photographers worldwide.When it comes to covering up your expensive camera equipment, you don’t want to be using a $2 plastic bread bag! Those can work in a pinch, but get real folks, you spend probably a few thousand on your Digital SLR and lens(es) and it’s just doesn’t make sense to not spend a few bucks more to get a great quality cover like this Vortex Media Pro Storm Jacket. It’s very well built, great durability and will get the job done. Yes the design is simplistic, but it works and will protect your equipment. I definitely recommend the ‘Pro’ version to allow you to use this mounted on a tripod. It velcros up nicely to allow this.

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