Repair Your Blurred Photos using Photoshop or Gimp

Ever taken a picture that has a focus that’s just a little bit too soft? We found that HowToGeek have a solid solution! here is how to Repair Your Blurred Photos using Photoshop or Gimp What Can Work, And What’s Going to Crash and Burn Not every image is ideal for this treatment. The ideal candidate […]

Photography: Digital Camera Troubleshooting Guide

Z. Perry, Yahoo! Contributor Network The following is a set of useful tips for troubleshooting your digital camera and/or an external flash unit you may have attached to it. First, look for the title which best describes the problem, then follow the steps below it… POOR BUT RECOGNIZABLE PICTURE QUALITY 1. The batteries may need replacement. […]

Super Zoom & Lens Tips for Your Smartphone

July 13, 2013  Photographers  aren’t defined by their equipment but by how they overcome limitations. While our smartphones are equipped with better cameras than ever before, we’re still stuck with the same digital zoom technology that’s been around for years. That’s because there’s no fixing digital zoom – it’s permanently broken, and has been all along. […]

5 Ways to Avoid Blur with a Smartphone Camera

I think it’s safe to assume most people take their smartphone cameras for granted, despite the leaps and bounds made in pocketable picture-taking technology. Unfortunately a lot of the time our smartphones produce overly blurry photos, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. A lot of the time blurry photos are the result […]

3D Printing Overview Part 2 [Video]

Continuing from 3D Printing Overview Part 1   3D Printing Methods These are common methods used in 3D Printing, each have it’s own advantages, materials, workflows, and result models. Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Systems explains the process of Stereolithography The first commercially available 3D printer (not called a 3D printer back then) used the stereolithography (SLA) method. […]

Samsung’s Galaxy NX Is A 4G Android Interchangeable Lens Camera That Lets You Post To Instagram

Now that video on Instagram just got real, a connected pro camera with direct access to Android apps makes a fair bit of sense. Enter the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy NX. Samsung continues to push its Galaxy brand into new devices’ types and categories, a strategy aimed at extending the success it’s had with the brand in […]